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Visions Become Reality – with AI in Our Website Builder

Take your ideas to the next level and transform them into a digital masterpiece using our new website builder. With AI, creating a flawless online journey that captivates and engages users, providing them with the ultimate digital experience is even easier. It all begins here, with our Website Builder.

Easy to use


No coding needed

Create your website in 4 easy steps – no coding skills needed!

Choose Your Stunning Template

Choose a template to get started with your new website or let AI build the foundation with text and images. Afterwards, you can dive into a world of limitless design options – customize fonts, colors, and layouts to create your unique style!

Create Captivating Content

With your template in place, use our drag-and-drop editor to add text, photos, videos, forms, and more. Create your brand, products, or ideas effortlessly. Watch your website thrive with creativity in just a few clicks!

Go Live with a Single Click

After perfecting your masterpiece, ensure its perfection by previewing it on various devices in the editor. Our responsive design guarantees flawless display on all screens. When satisfied, hit “Publish” and your website is ready to shine!

Secure Your Online Presence

Create a professional online presence with a unique domain and email address. Our integration makes it easy to set up email addresses like in a heartbeat!

Claim your free domain

Get a free .online, .site, or .space domain when you subscribe annually to any of our Website Builder packages!¹

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Perfect for beginners, this package provides the essential tools and resources necessary to claim your online presence.

  • Free(included in package)
  • Basic100 products | 45+ payment gates
  • Professional2500 products | 45+ payment gates
  • Unlimitedunlimited products | 45+ payment gates

I want to order

2 pages

1 GB space

5 MB limit per file

Supports up to 2 languages

2 backups

E-commerce (3 products)

Create your website with AI (beta)


This premium package provides a range of exclusive features and enhanced capabilities.

  • Free(included in package)
  • Basic100 products | 45+ payment gates
  • Professional2500 products | 45+ payment gates
  • Unlimitedunlimited products | 45+ payment gates
Email space

I want to order

1000 pages

5 GB space

500 MB limit per file

Supports unlimited languages

Unlimited backups

Hide Websupport banner

HTML editing

Header/footer editing

E-commerce (3 products)


Password protected pages

Create your website with AI (beta)

Create sub-pages with AI (beta)

Generate text with AI (beta)

Unlimited AI functionality (beta)

Why Choose Our Website Builder?

Website Builder is everything you need to build your website. Take your pick from a range of designs, personalize and tweak the content to your heart’s desire. And voila! Your page is good to go and can be published right away.

Ready-to-use building blocks

Create your website effortlessly with our easy website builder. Personalize the layouts, colors, and content with ease. And the best part is, you don’t need any coding skills!

70+ different templates

Choose from a range of professionally crafted templates designed to suit a variety of different industries. Customise as much or as little as you want!

Your Own Professional Email Address

Stand out with a personalized email address using your own domain. Create a unique online identity with an email with your own domain that strengthens your brand.

Your Own Professional Email Address

Whether you’re looking for stunning photo galleries, interactive videos, convenient contact forms, easy-to-use maps, credibility-boosting customer testimonials, helpful FAQ sections, event calendars, countdown timers, personalized headers and footers, or informative price lists – we’ve got you covered!

Do It Yourself E-Commerce

Unleash the full potential of your online business with an e-commerce. Get your online store up and running in no time.

Super practical AI features

The AI ​​features in our Website Builder make it faster and easier than ever to start your website! Just describe your business – in minutes, you’ll get back a nice website that matches. Included in all our Website Builder packages, with unlimited access in Large.

Protected with SSL/TLS

Put a digital lock that keeps your website’s secrets safe and visitors smiling. SSL/TLS is your website’s trusty guardian of privacy and security!

Seamless GDPR Compliance

With our user-friendly consent management system, you can effortlessly handle cookie consents from your website visitors. Be confident that your site is upholding the utmost data protection standards while offering a smooth and transparent browsing experience.

Advanced Features

Unleash your imagination and take full control over the design and functionality of your website. With our HTML script integration, you can effortlessly incorporate custom code to unlock endless creative opportunities.

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The 100% discount only applies to .online, .site or .space domains ordered at the same time as the annual Website Builder service, and only for the first year. The discount will be automatically applied to the cart when ordering. In case of cancellation of the Website Builder, the right to the free domain expires and the domain is charged according to the current price list.

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