Professional email with Business Mail

Do you want to be able to manage email and other business functions in one place so you can focus on the important things instead? Business Mail opens the door to your new virtual office!

E-mails available on all devices

Efficient meetings with shared calendars

Chat and video conferences


Your Powerful Business Email

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Professional e-mail addresses

Create a professional email address with your domain after the @. In addition, you get access to a user-friendly email client and many smart functions for you and your company!

Work from anywhere

Work on your projects wherever and whenever you want, thanks to shared calendars, video conferencing, chat, and shared online documents.

60-day Free trial for all licenses


License slots

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E-mail on your domain

1GB disk space

Contacts, Calendars

Tasks, Notes


License slots

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E-mail on your domain

30GB disk space

Contacts, Calendars

Tasks, Notes

Mobile synchronization



Unlimited HD recording

WebDocuments, online collaboration

Email client

Make working with emails easy with several convenient functions. Smart attachments are uploaded to the cloud and sent as a download link to the recipient, allow you to send large files without taking up space in your inbox. With the delayed send feature, you also get five extra seconds – and you will never forget to attach the attachment again.


Share your calendar with your colleagues and make it easy to manage meeting invitations. In the invitation, you can easily see your calendar at the proposed meeting time and immediately find out if you are available.


With the Exchange ActiveSync protocol, you can easily synchronize email, contacts, and calendars – and manage them at any time or place on your mobile, work, or personal computer. With OutlookSync, you can continue working in Outlook without losing any functions, data, or settings.


Create great video conferences quickly and easily. Even participants who do not use Business Mail can join without registration. In addition, you can protect the video conference with a password so only invited participants can join, or record it and share the meeting afterward with those who could not attend.


Communicate quickly and easily with your colleagues in one place – create rooms, comment on posts, send notices, highlight important information, and share, create, and send emails directly from the chat. You can also invite external guests for easier collaborations with others outside the company.

Online documents

Create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, available to everyone. Thanks to the change tracking mode, you can accept and reject edits and keep track of all document versions. The service is compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats, including advanced features.

Tasks and Notes

Collaborate efficiently by creating tasks, assigning them to yourself or your colleagues, and monitoring their status. With the Notes feature, you can easily create and organize notes in different folders.

Created with IceWarp

We created Business Mail in partnership with IceWarp, which delivers seamless solutions for everything related to business collaboration and productivity. Business Mail is a modern communication platform and is, mainly due to its easy integration and ease of use, an excellent alternative to Google and Microsoft.


Do you need help?

Contact our knowledgeable, friendly support staff seven days a week by phone, chat or email.

Is Business Mail secure?

Security, just like you are used to

Daily backup of email data
GEO IP email protection
Antispam protection
DKIM authorization of sent e-mails


Choose what suits you best

There are several differences between hosting with email and Business Mail. So you can find what suits you best, we have created a quick overview of the two options below. Keep in mind that you can only use one email solution per domain.

Hosting with e-mail

Email connected with hosting package

Personal email with your domain

Unlimited number of email addresses

Unlimited email storage (within the total hosting storage)

Webmail with email and contacts

Business Mail

Personal email with your domain

The number of licenses = the number of email addresses

Limited storage per license

Mobile synchronization

IceWarp email client

  • E-mails and contacts
  • Calendar
  • Tasks and Notes
  • TeamChat, one2one chat
  • Videoconferences
  • Onlinedocuments

Mobile application TeamChat (IW)

Frequently asked questions about Business Mail

What is Business Mail?

Who is Business Mail intended for?

Do I need a domain for Business Mail?

Can I combine Business Mail with the hosting email on the same domain?

How do I access my emails?

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