Accredited registrar for the Swedish top-level domain .nu

Websupport is an accredited registrar for the .nu domain. It has for many years been one of the most common top-level domains in Sweden after .se and .com and is strongly associated with Sweden.



  • Top level domain: .NU (ccTLD)
  • Registration time: Direct
  • Registration period: 1-10 years
  • Allowed number of characters: 2-63
  • Registration terms: Internetstiftelsen’s registration terms for .NU
  • DNSSEC support 
  • IDN support 
  • Uses EPP-code 
  • WHOIS protection 
Renewal Policy

You have the option to extend the domain at no extra charge in addition to the usual renewal fee within about 60 days after the domain’s expiration date. After 60 days have passed, the domain is quarantined for about 7 days. If you did not act to maintain the domain before the start of the quarantine period, it will be deleted.


Ackredirerad .NU registrar