New prices from December 30

On December 30, 2022, our regular prices for new orders and renewals for some of the top-level domains and packages we offer will be adjusted.

Why the prices are being adjusted

The fact that prices are adjusted is due to the fact that the purchase price of our suppliers of various services has increased as a result of inflation, which means that we have to review and adjust our own prices.

The price adjustment is a natural part of our effort to be able to constantly develop, maintain and improve our support and our services. It gives us continued opportunities to take our already acclaimed support to new heights and our range of services to the next level.


Tip: Renew your domain names for multiple years to save money

Several of the top-level domains we offer can be renewed for multiple years for up to 10 years. If you order and pay for the multi-year renewal before 2022-06-01, you will receive the domain names at the current price (eg SEK 149 / year excluding VAT for .SE).

»Contact our support to renew your domain name for multiple years


Price list for domain names

Price (excl VAT) Pris (incl VAT)
.SE 189 kr 236.25 kr
.COM 189 kr  236.25 kr
.NU 199 kr 248.75 kr
.EU 149 kr 186.25 kr
.NET 169 kr 211.25 kr
.ORG 169 kr 211.25 kr
.INFO 229 kr 198.75 kr
.BIZ 229 kr 211.25 kr
.ME 229 kr 286.25 kr
.FI 229 kr 286.25 kr
.BLOG 339 kr 423.75 kr
.WORK 269 kr 336.25 kr
.BEER 399 kr 498.75 kr
.SHOP 399 kr 498.75 kr
.WIKI 269 kr 336.25 kr
.CLOUD 299 kr 373.75 kr
.CLUB 209 kr 261.25 kr
.GURU 469 kr 586.25 kr
.XYZ 189 kr 236.25 kr
.GRATIS 279 kr 348.75 kr
.MOBI 299 kr 373.75 kr
.ONLINE 549 kr 686.25 kr
.TECH 519 kr 648.75 kr
.STORE 649 kr 811.25 kr
.SITE 399 kr 498.75 kr
.SPACE 299 kr 373.75 kr
.APP 239 kr 298.75 kr
.GOLF 699 kr 873.75 kr
.TV 449 kr 561.25 kr
.NAME 129 kr 161.25 kr
.CC 259 kr 323.75 kr
.GRAPHICS 329 kr 411.25 kr